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Various Artists
THIEN TU - Keyboardist/Singer
   Thien Tu started playing music at age 10. Since he came to the Unites States, he has been inspired by Pop music as well as contemporary Jazz. He is dedicated to his work and strives to improve on his singing and playing keyboard. When he was 18, he has already performed at numerous venues and wedding parties.
Audio: (New) Play List - more...
Video:   (New)Dynamite - I Wanna Dance Cha Cha -   Brown Eyed Girl -   Neu co yeu toi -   Mua Tinh Yeu -   Mua He Lap Lanh -   Always - Va Con Tim Da Vui Tro Lai - Mua He Lap Lanh (slow) - Ngay Tho
HANG NGA - MC/Singer
   She's a sweet lady that I have ever known and worked with. Besides her truly wonderful voice, she also hosts for weddings, parties and as well as variety shows. I knew her since she sang in the Majestic club, a very well known venue in Orange County. She really has an ability to capture the audience attention and is cheered loudly. You will surely also enjoy some oldies songs from Anne Murray, Olivia Newton to Celine Dion.ect. In fact, she not only sings well in English but also in Vietnamese...
Audio:  Loi The Xua - Nhung Ngay Yeu Nhau - Anh Da Thay..
Video: MC Demo  - Mua Thu Cho Em - Mat Nai - Top Of The World - Always - Con Mo Tinh Yeu - I Can't Stop Loving U - Giay Phut Than Tien - Let Me Be There - Yeu
LILIAN - Singer
   Lilian is very well known in our Vietnamese community. She starts her singing career in the mid 1980s. Materials cover from the old new wave days to modern Vietnamese and international songs. She has a strong voice with an infusion of Tina Turner and Lara Fabian. For more information, please visit this link
Audio:  Her albums
Video:  You're my heart & Loi To Tinh De Thuong (Live)
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   Truc Quynh has has an excellent voice and proves herself a talented singer with techno top hits like "I Turn To You", "Hot Stuff", "Believe" and so on...She shines,emotes, bounces, and ultimately touches your emotions in a big way. Did I mention she looks hot? "Oh, yeah! Let's get the party started! Check it out by clicking on her picture! ;-)"
Audio:   Dance Medley
Video:   (New)Khuc Tinh Nong
   Amanda has a natural and beautiful voice that is not only convincing but also pleasant to hear. She has learned how to sing and dance when she was still very young. She has developed her voice quickly and independently that proves her talent. I believe she will become a truly rising star with a lot of potentials.
Audio:   (New)Rather Be
Video:  Treasure - Love You Like A Love Song -   Teenage Dream
KIM BAO - Drummer/Singer
   Kim Bao has played drums for a long time. He had played drums for the Majestic night club in Orange county for many many years as well as a few music production centers. He is another enthusiastic player with heart and soul. He is also one of the best drummers in Vietnamese community. He has very strong internal rhythms and energy flow
Audio:   I'd Love You To Want Me
Video:  (New)Bai Ca Hanh Ngo - Beautiful Sunday - Ngay Xuan Vui Cuoi - I'd Love You To Want Me -  Thuo Ay Co Em
LE QUANG - Bassist
   Le Quang is a well bassist who has played bass for a long time. His musical background is very solid. He had played at numerous venues prior to joining the Live Rhythm band. He is influent by many music genres that made him a unique player. He is very dedicated and imaginative that makes him a true team player.
MANH HA - Musician/Singer
   Yoo hoo...Yeah, Rock'n Roll! That is what I am talking about. If you love this kind of music, he is the Man. People call him "Rock'n Soul Man". Well, it's true because he is gonna move you from a slow motion to a most upbeat rhythm. Ever heard of songs like "Have I told you lately", "You are wonderful tonight", or "What a wonderful world"? Yup, I bet you will listen well. Other songs are like "Mustang Sally", "I feel good" or even "No matter what" of BadFinger... "Oohhss, let's dance!"
Audio:   Wonderful Tonight - Proud Mary
Video:   (New)My Girl - (New)'Til There Was You - Yester-Me - Lucille - Sabai Sabai - Wonderful Tonight - Proud Mary - I saw her standing there
The My - Singer/Drummer
   The My is one of the best drummers in Orange county. His unique voice has captured attention to many wedding guests. His talent continues to evolve throughout the years. He has played for thousands of gigs throughout Northern and Southern California.
Video:  Fly Me To The Moon
CHARLEY PHUC CANH - Chinese MC/Musician/Singer
   Charley is a very good singer who has dedicated all his life for music. He can speak fluently in four languages including English, Vietnamese Mandarin and Cantonese. He can also sing in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, and French. His talent definitely has appeal to all audience. Please review the video clips below. This is just a couple of them. There will be more to come soon.
Video:  MC Demo - Ben Bo Thuong Hai
   Nguyet Han's voice wraps around you like honey, so full and so sweet that makes you melt. You feel that Han is growing and maturing as an artist. She has a great sense of confidence, invention and spirituality. Please take a moment to visit her web site. Her songs are truly inspirational, motivational and uplifting. You will truly be touched after listening to them.
Audio:  Amado Mio -  Everytime we touch
Video:  Love Me With All Your Heart 1 - 2
NHU LAN - MC/Singer
   Nhu Lan is one of the best MCs in Orange county. She always comes prepared. She can entertain and amuse the wedding guests with jokes, humorous stories, and anecdotes. She would always be there to ensure everything runs smoothly and that the guests are entertained.
Audio:  The Moon
Video:  MC at the reception
Khanh Tran - Singer
   Khanh Tran is a professional singer who has colaborated with night clubs in Viet Nam. Since she came to United States, she continues to sing for wedding and party events. Her unique voice is so well blended with the music that makes you want to dance. Her experience includes a variation of musical styles that can accomodate for the most critical dancers. Let's check out her performance with the band.
Audio:  (New)Best Dance songs
Video:  Hay Hat Len - Mong Chieu Xuan  Thien Duyen Tien Dinh  Xuan Hop Mat
BENSON - Chinese MC/Singer
   Benson has many years of experience being a MC and singer. He speaks English and Cantonese very fluently. He has a very strong and professional voice that captures the audience heart. He is definitely the one who can get the party started. Please take a moment to check out his live performances
Audio:  Speech  - Songs
Video:  Stand By Me - French Kiss - The Moon
Daniel Tuan - MC
   MC Daniel is an outstanding MC you will ever meet and be entertained. He has been very successful in most of the weddings that we have performed. Please click on our demo below to check him out. I bet you will be amazed...
Audio:  Speech (Play)
Video:  MC Daniel Tuan Demo 1  MC Daniel Tuan Demo 2
THUY DU - Singer
   He started singing since 1983 with many music production centers such as Lang Van, Asia, Nguoi Dep Binh Duong, Hai Au, Giang Ngoc, and as well as Thuy Anh. Having co-operated with some popular bands such as The Magic, Anh Tai, Chi Tai, Cali Passion, and The Love Connection, he has performed at many clubs, shows, and venues around the country including Europe. With his unique singing style that appeals to all ages, he will show you a glimpse into the influences of Pop,Blues and Rock'n Roll culture.
Video: Hotel California - Fly Me To The Moon- You Are So Beautiful
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THUC OANH - Singer
   Thuc Oanh has a sweet and unique voice that captures the listener heart with a country music style. She sang for a popular night club "Ritz" and many many big events in and outside of California. Throughout the years, she continuously brings back the most popular songs that people love to hear.
Audio Tinh Khuc Muon Thuo - Khuc Tinh Nong